Who We Serve


We provide Publishers with solutions that enable them to digitize their assets to reach their TG in a new and modern way


Animation services 

We have the facility to give highly customized and in-depth animation services to any publisher or education institute. These don’t just come the industry best animators, but also from a deep understanding of subjects, curriculum and learner needs. We have executed over 1000 hours of animation work for publisher and educational institutes over the years. 


Digitization services

We are aware of the need to digitize the education content bank you have built over the years and are sensitive to the knowledge gap in enablement. This can be achieved via multiple ways and we have the expertise to guide you through all of those. End results of digitisation can be in form of eBooks, digital assets, activities, Voice-overs, PDFs, & Question banks, apps, etc.

Individual Tutors

We offer highly efficient and cost-effective Learning Solutions to Individual Tutors.

We have TopScorer app in which Home screen is designed in such a way where student can find everything on ease of one single click.

We make learning as interactive as possible with Audio-visual, 2d&3d animation videos and PDF based learning.

CSR & Non-profits

We help associations, nonprofit organizations and CSR of multiple companies to provide smart class solutions and on ground execution aid. We have executed over 50 projects covering over 300 schools under these initiatives. Our USP lies in not being a supplier, but a hands on partner with on ground connects and usage success programs.

We understand the need for customized offering and visibility of sponsorer which we fulfill in our end product. 

Esteemed Partners


Photos of CSR Classrooms