Impact of ChatGPT on Education


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Authored by – Harshil Gala

Did you ever think that technology would disrupt the writing module so drastically? Think about the superior content that could be created with the help of generative AI. ChatGPT is currently this. Simply put, ChatGPT is free software that may be used on any internet-connected device.

The pandemic proved advantageous for the development of technology. Since the transformation has occurred so quickly in recent years, professionals, students, and even teachers now have easier access to materials thanks to technology. Even though we have worked so hard to keep technology out of the house, it has now led to more serious injustices and distractions, whether they are experienced at home, at offices, or even in classrooms. On a brighter note, technology will be around for a while, good or bad. Businesses, residences, and even schools must change to fit the modern environment where innovations are constantly being offered.

The Journey 

A new player, ChatGPT, entered the education market, which was already experiencing considerable upheavals following the pandemic. In 2022, OpenAI, an artificial intelligence research and development organisation, made ChatGPT publicly available to the public, making it especially useful for students who are now all digital natives.

It’s easy to use ChatGPT; when a human user types in queries or instructions, the AI analyses the language and produces responses based on neural network data. Although the method is simple, not all of the information on the site is true. Students must grasp how to use ChatGPT properly at this point.

The Impact

The platform offers numerous advantages to both teachers and students. For teachers who can communicate with pupils in real time successfully and efficiently, communication will be important. This can involve anything from responding to inquiries to finding pertinent data. ChatGPT is more similar to Google but offers immediate, clear, and brief replies. Students who struggle with grammar and writing in the social media age can also benefit from the programme. As a result, ChatGPT can assess work and offer feedback, providing teachers more time to develop interesting lesson plans and devote more attention to students.

Children who frequently turn to Siri for assistance can now access another source for in-depth knowledge, resources, and speedy solutions. Although the platform cannot be used as a citable source, it can be utilised as a Wikipedia-style resource to develop or improve general knowledge and act as a starting point.

The Future 

We must weigh the benefits and drawbacks of new technologies as tech-savvy people. Many believe that there are significant limitations to the accuracy of the information and that using critical thinking, a crucial skill that is rapidly disappearing among students today due to access to technology, is more important than debating the speed of information recovery to individualized learning and a supplemental resource. The dependence on technology and information misuse are additional risks of using such sites. Today’s children severely lack unique thought; copy & paste is the norm.

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