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Smart Teaching Beyond Chalk & Talk

A Smarter, more efficient, and engaging learning experience!

With a perfect blend of traditional and modern tools, TopClass assures easy learning, effective teaching, and the most engaging educational experience
Incorporating video content into classroom instruction results in improved comprehension, increased motivation, and enhanced learning outcomes for students

~ Richard E. Mayer is a prominent educational psychologist and researcher

Incorporating video content into classroom instruction results in improved comprehension, increased motivation, and enhanced learning outcomes for students

~ Richard E. Mayer is a prominent educational psychologist and researcher

Navneet Toptech - TopClass - Lesson Planner

Top Benefits for our Stakeholders

Teachers are the heart of our educational approach, driving student success through their expertise, dedication, and passion for teaching

Schools drive the pursuit of knowledge and TopClass equips them with advanced technologies to support effective teaching and learning

Students excel when given the right support, and TopClass offers them a dynamic platform for immersive and effective learning.
Parents play a crucial role in their child’s education, and TopClass ensures that the digital content provided maximizes their child’s learning potential.

Embrace Innovation, Experience Excellence

User-friendly interface
Detailed Usage Dashboard
PC as well as LAN compatible
Robust platform Java
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Enhance the learning experience in your school for

Line-to-Line Animation
100+ Activites
Chapterwise Checkpoint
Question paper generator
Solved Exercises & Problems
2D & 3D Animations & Real Videos
Chapterwise Assessment
Extra learning material for board exams and Scholarships
Comprehensive Concept Animation
100+ Activites
Curriculum Curated by Experts
Lesson Plan
2D & 3D Animations & Real Videos
NEP 2020 NCF 2022 Compliant
Question paper generator
Chapterwise Checkpoint
Powering Education with


TopClass uses technology to make teaching Easy and simple. The interface gives the teacher an easy access to content and enables complete control over the lessons. Technology supported interactive tools with hundreds of activities, experiments and solved examples with a vast depository of multiple choice questions (MCQ) after every chapter and unit to assess learning

Rich & Engaging

This phygital classroom solution enhances the experience of classroom teaching through 2D and 3D content with crisp voiceover that grabs attention and helps retain what is heard. The content is meticulously created based on the board syllabus for grade 1 to 10 for Maharashtra state board (MSB) Gujarat state board (GSB) and Central board of secondary (CBSE) education pattern in English Marathi and Gujarati medium and covers Math, Science, Social studies, Environmental studies and first language second language.


To ensure that the learning journey offered to the students is of the best quality,

Service & Support

1. We work to wipe away your worries with Dedicated Relationship Manager & support team.

2. Observation visits for seamless implementation. Quick response time (Toll-free, Email, Whatsapp).

3. .Teacher training & certification (3 times a year)

60 Years
Legacy & Trust

With principles of Experience, Execution & Excellence NAVNEET TOPTECH is an initiative of Navneet FutureTech Limited, which is a 100 percent subsidiary of Navneet Education Limited with a legacy spanning six decades, it stands as a pioneer in the field of education.
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TopClass is a phygital solution for education that aims to simplify the teaching process and enhance the learning experience for Generation Z in schools.
TopClass goes beyond the traditional “chalk and talk” method, fostering an interactive and engaging environment for both teachers and students to enhance the speed and ease of learning.
TopClass stimulates the teaching and learning experience by building a world beyond the traditional teaching methods. This leads to a more enjoyable and faster learning experience for students. By making use of line to line animation, chapterwise checkpoints, hundreds of activities solved exercises and problems, and chapterwise assessment it brings the futuretech to the classroom. The vast 2D-3D animated and real video content library is one of its prime features as it allows concepts to be simplified and retention improves.
The target audience for TopClass is educators and schools who are looking for a more interactive and engaging learning experience.
No, you do not need an internet connection to use TopClass. However an internet connection will be needed to install the updates

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