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NAVNEET TOPTECH works at the forefront of educational excellence, constantly striving to redefine the landscape of education through innovation in technology. At the heart of this commitment lies our educators’ favorite series of Conclaves, which serve as a forum to connect, share insights and chart the course for the future of education in India. It is an excellent opportunity where teachers can interact with fellow teachers and other esteemed panelists. The workshops focus on helping educators implement and understand education technology, pedagogy for school education as per NEP 2020, and much more. You can gather insights, participate in community-building exercises, and get knowledge that will help you grow as an educator.

Why should you Attend?

Stay Ahead of the Curve : Dive into the world of EdTech and discover tools to enhance the learning experience.

Empowerment Through Knowledge : Explore the latest pedagogies and teaching techniques for a tech-driven era.

Community and Collaboration: Connect with like-minded individuals, forming bonds that transcend geographical barriers.
Special Workshops : Engage in interactive sessions with experts, gaining hands-on knowledge and skills.
Embracing NEP 2020 : Understand the nuances of the National Education Policy 2020 and its impact on the educational landscape.

Event Agenda

Explore a dynamic exchange of ideas as leading educators and thought leaders into the evolving landscape of education, and uncover opportunities that shape the future of learning.
Attend workshops and be a part of hands-on activities and techniques designed to develop analytical thinking, creativity, and resilience, empowering students to thrive academically and beyond.
Teachers and educators are the architects of a community, building strong foundations of knowledge, shaping the minds of future leaders, and fostering a culture of growth and understanding. It’s time to build an exclusive community for them.

Recent NAVNEET TOPTECH Conclaves

The NAVNEET TOPTECH Conclaves has always enlightened minds, connected peers and built friendships. Featured here are some insightful videos, showcasing our past conclaves.

Glimpses of our previous Conclaves

Our Esteemed Speakers


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