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Teachers and educators are the architects of a community, building strong foundations of knowledge, shaping the minds of future leaders, and fostering a culture of growth and understanding. It’s time to build an exclusive community for them.

The TopCircle Community

TopCircle is an exclusive community that empowers educators across India. Our aim is to provide a platform where educators can come together to share and transform their teaching journey. We believe that by creating a supportive community, we can help educators enhance their teaching skills, learn from each other, and ultimately create better outcomes for students.

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Why Join TopCircle?

As an educator, joining TopCircle can provide you with a wealth of benefits. Firstly, you will have access to a community of like-minded educators who are passionate about education and committed to improving their teaching skills. By sharing knowledge and experiences, you can gain valuable insights and learn new teaching techniques that can help you become a better teacher.

Secondly, our TopCircle Conclaves provide a unique opportunity to engage with fellow educators and esteemed panelists. Our workshops focus on helping educators implement and understand education technology, pedagogy for school education as per NEP 2020, and much more. By attending our conclaves, you can gather insights, participate in community-building exercises, and gain valuable knowledge that can help you grow as an educator.


Recent TopCircle Conclaves

The TopCircle Conclave has always enlightened minds, connected peers and built friendships. Featured here are some insightful videos, showcasing our past conclaves.


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