Navneet Toptech - TopSchool - Learning Management System

A Smart Learning Management System for CBSE Schools

A Smart Learning Management System for CBSE Schools

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Navneet Toptech - TopSchool - Learning Management System
A smart LMS designed for schools that simplifies their day-to-day operations in real-time.
A smart Learning Management System (LMS) designed for schools that simplifies their day-to-day operations in real-time. TopSchool (LMS) is designed specifically for CBSE schools catering to students from grade 1 to grade 10. Its user interface is designed to be simple and easy to use while also providing a range of functions to streamline the school’s data management, admission management, fee collection, and curriculum. With TopSchool, managing student data, tracking progress, and delivering curriculum can be done in an efficient and effective manner, helping schools to optimize their educational processes.
Navneet Toptech - School Teachers

Intuitive. Interactive. Innovative.


Easy and engaging
online & offline teaching

To assist them in their teaching, our LMS gives teachers access to the TopSchool library, lesson planner, content builder, calendar, and question bank. The workload indicator aids in monitoring both teachers’ and students’ workloads.
Navneet Toptech - School, Teachers and Students


Simplifies the daily operations of the school management

By using various tools like the curriculum planner, timetable & profile builder, workload indicator, progress & 360° report, the school management can better manage the progress and daily tasks of the school, teachers, and students. It enables them to offer the proper input and quickly implement the necessary changes.

Enables students to
learn & understand faster

The interface is skillfully developed to aid pupils in comprehending and understanding subjects. With a calendar to view the timetable, access to exhaustive content assigned by teachers, and customized progress reports, a student can truly succeed.


Navneet Toptech - Teachers and Students

The platform benefits schools and it's users with:

Easy and engaging online and offline teaching
An efficient process of tracking the progress and performance of students
A learning system that continuously and constantly updates itself with the latest curriculum and guidelines
Access to exhaustive digital content from TopSchool library


Available Grades
1 to 10
Complete curriculum with lesson plans
Classic 2D-3D animations
Online Assessments
Workload indicator for students and teachers
Extended Learning Assignments (ELA)
Online and offline usage
Apps available for assistance
360° report card with skills and competencies
Easily accessible, analytical and academic reports
Create interactive videos, timelines, flashcards with virtual studios
Fee Management System
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teacher planner
Teacher's Dashboard
Teacher Class Profile
Navneet Toptech - TopSchool - Learning Management System - Content Library
Content Library (1)
Navneet Toptech - TopSchool - Learning Management System - Content Library
Content Library (2)
Navneet Toptech - TopSchool - Learning Management System - Student App
Student App (1)
Navneet Toptech - TopSchool - Learning Management System - Student App 2
Student App (2)
Navneet Toptech - TopSchool - Learning Management System - Calendar
top Navneet Toptech - TopSchool - Learning Management System - Class Card app
Class Card
TopSchool gives its users access to a variety
of useful tools that make it easier for them
Navneet Toptech - TopSchool - Learning Management System - Teachers, Students, Digital Classroom

You can create using our Content planner, Assessment Planner, Question Builder, Timetable builder, Curriculum Planner and Lesson plans. These inbuilt tools allow you to customize TopSchool as per your need.

We offer the ability to teach offline and online as per the preference of the teachers and management. A personal resource library helps teachers in creating their own resource library which they can access as and when required.

With online and offline assessments we help improve the student’s performance. Our paperless evaluations help in the process of creating reports for these assesments.
Our comprehensive dashboard provides a one-stop solution for analyzing and understanding data, helping you plan more effectively.
The NEP complaint 360° report card is a comprehensive evaluation tool that assesses the skills and competencies of students across various areas of their academic and personal development. Topschool includes a workload indicator for both teachers and students, which helps to ease the burden of excessive workload and promote a healthy work-life balance.
School notice boards provide a visual and easily accessible way for the school to communicate important information and updates to students, staff, and parents. Calendar entries, support and feedback forms allow for easy organization and communication of events, activities, and provide a platform for feedback and support.
Apps available for school management and students allow for easy communication and connectivity between school staff, teachers, students, and parents. With these apps, important information and updates can be shared quickly and efficiently, and students and teachers can stay organized and on top of their work.


(to be released soon)
App for Teachers and Notifications

Schools Partnered With
TopSchool is a platform designed to provide simple solutions at every step of modern-day education, Where Teachers can create and distribute digital content, Teach, conduct assessment, analyze reports and communicate with students and parents. Also helps School management to track the progress of the school through detailed analytics of teachers and student.
TopSchool LMS system goes beyond the typical tasks and makes life easier for all users at all levels compared to other software. By keeping everyone focused on learning rather than the process, it promotes greater efficiency for educators, parents, schools, and students. With its ability to save time and money, improve student performance, provide flexibility, and enable deeper insights, this CBSE LMS has a lasting positive impact over its competitors. It’s a simple yet smart learning management system.

TopSchool streamlines and integrates the entire learning, teaching, and management journey for each user. Comprehensive 360° reports, online assessments, workload indicator calendar, personalized course material, offline/online education, CBSE curriculum presented in 2D-3D animations, content & lessons for grades 1-10, and easy to use are among some of the various features that TopSchool bring to the table!

A smart CBSE curriculum compliant with NEP 2020 and Exhasutive digital content library as a tool to enhance your teaching experience

Every school needs to organise themselves by either adopting an ERP system or a digital teaching tool for a smooth transition, TopSchool will be a mix of both.

Starting with ready made curriculum plans for an entire year, lesson plans for every chapters, exhaustive digital library, assessment tools to conduct rivision, tests and board practice, tools to create own interactive content and many more

Understanding different types of learners in every class, Top School digital content will engage and create interest in understanding every subject.
Parents will be equipped with a mobile app, which will keep them in sync of the all the daily activities happening in school with their children.
Yes, we have a well developed mobile app for the students and parents.

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