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Transform Your Education with a Comprehensive and Immersive Study Buddy Hub

Experience the Gold Standard in Online Education with TopScorer:
A Decade of Reliability and Proven Efficiency.

Over the years, it has established itself as a leader in the industry with a vast network of schools, teachers and students. With TopScorer, education takes center stage and we strive to provide a seamless learning experience for both students and teachers alike.
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Supercharge Your Studies with an Interactive and Immersive Study Companion

Transform the Way You Teach with TopScorer: The Ultimate Online Learning Platform for Educators. Harness the Power of Deep Analytics and Controls for Principals and School Owners. Effortlessly Assign Engaging Assignments – Whether Video, Document, Essay, or Worksheet – Anytime, Anywhere and Measure Student Performance with Ease. TopScorer, the best learning app for exams and exam preparation app, brings the future of learning to your fingertips.
Top Scorer

An Immersive study buddy platform with a large content library for for an innovative teaching experience

It’s a treat for teachers & school admins with:

Authorised curriculum

Interesting and fun learning

Real Time Reports

Relevant analytics

Exciting AR content

Navneet Toptech - TopScorer - Exam Preparation App

It also makes studies simple for students with:

Online learning

Online homework

Online tests

Regular performance results

Discover the Future of Learning with an Exciting and Immersive Content Platform

TopScorer, an education app for students, provides teachers with the access and ability to control online learning like never before with deep controls and analytics for principals and school owners. It makes the important academic task of assignments very easy and accessible.
Navneet Toptech - TopScorer - Exam Preparation App
Navneet Toptech - TopScorer - Best Learning App for Exam

Learn From Any Platform

Learn on the go with our cool mobile app for Android and web.



Yes Topscorer can be used in offline mode. There is a feature that allows students to access the app without going online – Switch to offline mode.
Yes we can use TopScorer on both. On the laptop you can use it via the browser and on the phone you can use it via the TopScorer app.
Yes you can. The TopScorer app has inbuilt MCQ’s that can be attempted.
A single use cannot use TopScorer on multiple devices at one time. When he signs into one device it will log out of the other device. This helps keep you TopScorer account safe and the data protected.
The TopScorer product validity is for 1 academic year. Example: 1st May upto 30th April of the following year.
Yes. You may purchase multiple grades on a single login. However you can only study one grade at a time. To access the second or third grade you will have to switch the grade using the Filter.

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