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A Glimpse into Our Journey

NAVNEET TOPTECH, among the top EdTech companies in India, stands out as a fast-growing entity devoted to delivering digital solutions to schools and students. Established in 2008 and operating as a 100% subsidiary of Navneet Education Limited, we prioritize innovation to move beyond conventional teaching methods. Our Education Management System is a testament to this commitment, providing a dynamic system for online teaching in India. With a focus on CBSE, Maharashtra, and Gujarat boards, we’ve collaborated with 4000+ schools, aiming to reshape the learning environment across the nation. Join us as we revolutionize education beyond traditional norms.

Illuminating Our Mission

NAVNEET TOPTECH, one of the top EdTech companies in India, is committed to delivering exceptional educational solutions. Our Education Management System focuses on fostering a culture of excellence in classrooms. As pioneers in the educational revolution, we provide a suite of solutions designed to simplify complex challenges, including a dedicated Learning Management System (LMS) for CBSE schools. Our phygital classroom solution features syllabus-based 2D/3D multimedia animations, complemented by a study app aimed at supporting students on their journey to success. Trust us for innovative solutions driving excellence in education.
Navneet Toptech - Teachers and Students


With a focus on simplifying complex educational challenges and fostering a culture of excellence, we offer a range of products designed to enhance the learning experience and drive academic success. Join us in our mission to shape the future of education.
A smart learning management system for CBSE
Digital classroom solution for MSB & CBSE pattern schools
A study buddy App for Students and teachers
Teach coding, beyond just the basics
Education is the key to securing a better future, and EdTech has the potential to increase everyone’s access to high-quality education. At NAVNEET TOPTECH, we believe that by integrating technology to education, we can build a world in which everyone has equal access to modern education and liberty to follow their dreams.
~ Harshil Gala
Harshil Gala - CEO of Navneet Toptech

Long-Lasting Partnerships

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For many years, NAVNEET TOPTECH has been proud to partner with schools to provide innovative and effective educational solutions. Our Phygital education products have received high praise from school administrators and teachers alike. Here are a few quotes from our partners:

Trusted by 4000+ Schools & Institutions

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TopCircle is a one-of-a-kind community that serves to empower and uplift teachers, principals and educators across India. It offers a vibrant community of like-minded individuals, where teachers can exchange their experiences and work together to bring about a transformative change in the education sector. With a vision to become the preeminent community for CBSE educators in India, TopCircle is dedicated to the betterment of the educational landscape.

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The company focuses on providing digital solutions to schools and students in India, with the aim of going beyond traditional teaching methods and stimulating the right learning environment.
The company has worked with 4000+ schools across CBSE, Maharashtra, and Gujarat state boards and has a focus on innovation and creating solutions for teachers.
The company’s main product is a Learning Management System for CBSE schools.
The company has worked with schools across CBSE, Maharashtra, and Gujarat boards, but its suitability for other schools in India can be determined through a demo or trial.
The Learning Management System helps teachers to go beyond the traditional chalk and board method and provides a digital platform for lesson planning, assessment, and student tracking.
The company provides training and support to schools and teachers to ensure successful implementation and usage of the Learning Management System.
The company’s focus on innovation and its commitment to creating solutions that go beyond traditional teaching methods sets it apart from other edtech solutions in India.
Pricing information can be provided through a demo or upon request.

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